Powered Sites special the longer you stay the cheaper it becomes!

POWERED SITES – Refer to table below

Powered Sites1-2 PeopleTotalExtra Person
 Stay 1 night$33 per night$33$5 per night
Stay 2 nights (special)$32 per night$64$5 per night
Stay 3 nights (special)$31 per night$93$5 per night
Stay 4 nights (special)$30 per night$120$5 per night
Stay 5 nights (special)$29 per night$145$5 per night
Stay 6 nights (special)$28 per night$168$5 per night
Stay 7 nights (special)$27 per night$189$5 per night

NB. Kui members receive a 10% discount off the 1st night rate. For example, if 1-2 Kui members stayed 3 nights in a Powered Site, it would cost $33 x 3 minus your 10% discount which = $89.10. Also, if you stay 5 nights or longer and it works out cheaper as a Powered Site Special, then use that discount instead of your Kui member discount. But don’t forget to get your Frequent Stayer card stamped.

IMPORTANT: For all discounts and specials Only one discount or one special will be honored each time

OTHER ACCOMMODATION – Refer to table below

1-2 people
Extra Child
  Extra Adult
12yrs and over
Ensuite Cabin$95 per night$5 per night$10 per night
Standard Cabin$75 per night$5 per night$10 per night
On-site Van$50 per night$5 per night$10 per night

Cabins and On-Site Vans specials apply a 5% discount if staying 2 to 6 nights, or – if you stay for a week, then you will receive your 7th night free (stay 7 nights and only pay for 6 nights x 1st night rate)

For all accommodation children aged 0 – 2 years are free of charge

Extra Bed Linen Pack Hire (doona, pillow, sheets and towel) one off charge of $10 per bed, or – (sheets and towel only) one off charge of $5 per bed

Easter & Opal Festivals Minimum booking period and Surcharges apply

*** Valid credit card details are required to make a reservation (card number, expiry date and cvv).
We do draw the standard first night rate off your card as a deposit, you then pay the remaining balance when you arrive.
*** If no credit card details then all reservations require a deposit of the standard first night rate to be deposited into our bank account.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your due arrival, we do apologise but NO REFUND will be given.
If you cancel with over 24 hours notice of your due arrival, there is a $20 administration fee that will be deducted from the deposit that you paid and the remaining balance will be paid back on to your card. NB. If you need to cancel due to COVID related issues, eg. border closures or if you have COVID yourself etc, the administration fee will be voided and you will receive a full refund of the deposit that you paid. Please also note that you have to provide evidence if this is the case.

The Crocodile Caravan Park reserves the right to cancel a reservation if you are a “no show” on your due arrival date by 6pm (closing time).